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Explosive Sports Training!

We are C4 strong!


Our Mission:
C4 Explosive Sports Training is committed to creating strong bodies and even stronger minds through education and movement in a non-judgmental and family-orientated environment.

Our Vision:
To build positive relationships and inspire/educate adults and youth to be their best in creating character and the mindset of a champion!


Adult Training:

Focuses on improving your flexibility, muscular endurance, muscular strength, cardiovascular endurance and finally your body composition. We will strive to create lean muscle tissue, which in turn will create a “new” body that burns even more calories and FAT! What’s included: Monthly InBody Body Assessments, Accountability, Nutritional Education, and High Energized Non-Judgmental 45 min Work Out.

Youth Training:

This is our speed and conditioning program that ranges from Elementary to High School students. The program includes dynamic movement prep, high-intensity circuit strength training, movement-based interval training, corrective exercise for muscle imbalances and injury prevention. We are not only looking to build athletes but also instill personal accountability and leadership qualities. The programs will be structured to their abilities. During the school year, classes will be held in the evenings.

Athletic Performance Training:

Designed for High School/College athletes. Focus will be on explosive power, muscular strength, muscular endurance, mobility, flexibility, body composition, nutrition basics, and body weight management.

Team Training:

Do you have a travel team or sports team that needs to gain the upper edge? We can set you up on one of programs or provide equipment and space to accommodate your training needs. Contact us for details!



"Coach Chandler has been a positive influence on my life, not only as it pertains to being an elite athlete, but in becoming the man I want to be. His knowledge on strength training and speed and agility training helped me achieve my goal of becoming a collegiate athlete. I continued my love of sports in becoming an Athletic Trainer, and I hope to contribute to society the same way he had contributed to me in helping me be physically and mentally strong. Coach Chandler is a man if high morality and has a special gift of instilling quality characteristics into all of the kids he works with, all the while helping them improve in all aspects of their athletic performance. I am a better man and maintain a high level of fitness in part of the life lessons I learned from Coach."

Mark McCracken ATC, PES

Washington Football Team Trainer


"From the first moment I met Coach Chandler I knew he had to have a work ethic like no other…never have I seen a guy that was so ripped that he couldn’t even scratch his own shoulder. As a high school student I realized that Coach Chandler was someone I could learn a great deal from and with ambitions of being a collegiate athlete I chose to take his “Advanced Weight Lifting” class and absorb as much information as I could about getting stronger. I realized that he had the respect of all athletes because of his service and commitment to making us better. He went above and beyond the status quo of what was expected. He instilled in us the importance of discipline, punctuality, healthy eating and even how to have safe fun. Coach Chandler, I can’t thank you enough for your heart. You have left a mark on me, and many other kids that have had the privilege to learn from you.

Thank you for your service!"

Monica Wright

WNBA 2x Champion (Minnesota Lynx)


"When I arrived at Forest Park High School I had the pleasure of working with and developing a close relationship with Coach Chandler. Coach Chandler has been a coach for me on and off the field. He is one of my biggest role models and mentors. I play Division 1 football and I have yet to see someone who trains at the level of coach Chandler. He is one of the most hardworking and dedicated people I know and I would highly recommend him as both a coach and a mentor."

Cam Boyd #31

Running Back | Old Dominion University


"Charlie and I go back many years on both a personal and professional level. His energy and passion for enhancing kids’ lives goes above and beyond expectations. I highly recommend Charlie as a mentor and coach."


Jeff Dillman

Former Director of Strength & Conditioning at the University of South Carolina University


“Walking into High School at six foot and 240lbs at the age of fourteen I could hardly tell my two feet from one another. I had severe difficulty changing direction and accelerating in any direction as is required to have any measure of success in any type of sport regardless of level of competition or particular playing field. My first experience with Coach Chandler was on the Junior Varsity football team the summer and fall of 2005 of which Coach Chandler was responsible for both the conditioning and coaching. Coach Chandler was able to help me increase my overall physical fitness through the four years of working with him as a coach and an instructor in the strength and conditioning class I was enrolled in during my Junior and Senior years. In addition to helping become more successful on the football field Coach Chandler gave me some of the tools necessary to achieve success on the Wrestling Team in High School, of which I was the captain for the final two years of High School. Following High School I competed on the Varsity wrestling team at the United States Military Academy at West Point for all four years. I am currently serving in the Army, specifically within the Infantry branch. I still to this to this day utilize some of the tools that were given to me by Coach Chandler with my team, my platoon of soldiers.”

2LT Christian Botero

USMA 2013

“Defending the Dream”

Our location

9501 Discovery BLVD, STE 155
Manassas, VA 20109

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