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Explosive Sports Training!

We are C4 strong!


Our Mission:
C4 Explosive Sports Training is committed to creating strong bodies and even stronger minds through education and movement in a non-judgmental and family-orientated environment.

Our Vision:
To build positive relationships and inspire/educate adults and youth to be their best in creating character and the mindset of a champion!


Adult Training:

Focuses on improving your flexibility, muscular endurance, muscular strength, cardiovascular endurance and finally your body composition. We will strive to create lean muscle tissue, which in turn will create a “new” body that burns even more calories and FAT! What’s included: Monthly InBody Body Assessments, Accountability, Nutritional Education, and High Energized Non-Judgmental 45 min Work Out.

Youth Training:

This is our speed and conditioning program that ranges from Elementary to High School students. The program includes dynamic movement prep, high-intensity circuit strength training, movement-based interval training, corrective exercise for muscle imbalances and injury prevention. We are not only looking to build athletes but also instill personal accountability and leadership qualities. The programs will be structured to their abilities. During the school year, classes will be held in the evenings.

Athletic Performance Training:

Designed for High School/College athletes. Focus will be on explosive power, muscular strength, muscular endurance, mobility, flexibility, body composition, nutrition basics, and body weight management.

Team Training:

Do you have a travel team or sports team that needs to gain the upper edge? We can set you up on one of programs or provide equipment and space to accommodate your training needs. Contact us for details!

Our location

9501 Discovery BLVD, STE 155
Manassas, VA 20109

Facility | 571-379-7955

Coach Chandler Cell | 703-881-1481

Coach AB Cell | 703-785-3496

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